Sudden interest leaves me speechless

Somehow I could take or leave it

Even though I’m so alone

I still put up walls of stone

A maze of introversion

Those who pass it are deserving

In a self serving sort of way

I posses no value

Perhaps special in my way

As are any others

Why all of the sudden am I the one to covet?

Clouded Eyes

Cloud covered skies are easy on the eyes

Filtering pain from the light

Mighty sensitivity, thanking the shade

Eagerly awaiting the night

I fight in the day, just to stay open

Reflexively they remain shut

I never was a light heart

No child of the sun

I Don’t Play

Simple things bring greater joy

Complexity makes poor toys

Most boys tend to think this way

Best suited for some idle play

I’d much sooner test my brain

Something more ornate to gain

Tame creatures with a wild side

On the edge with open eyes

Trying to relate…

Something more dynamic

I don’t like the static games

Dark System

Little lights before my eyes
Hearts hung up like stars
Always so beautiful
Yet so distant
Forever far
I’m the dark, forgotten rock
Drifting out in space
No star to call my own
No warmth upon my face
In my empty system, I’ll forever wait
Come, O lonely star
Share your light and grace

Infinite Brink

My mind will not cease and I’m fresh out of paper

The electronic age is a demon and a savior

Data seems so limitless, invisible to eye

One day it will collapse, all is lost on the inside

Tried and true methods, set in stone

Such as ink

They make me feel at home

Not upon some endless brink

Effect Lost

Foolishly I try to breathe life into the ink

Forming words so carefully

Sculpting what I think

Building with great detail

Shades of real life

Regardless of my effort, it never comes out right

Is my sight too short, or am I up above their heads?

Have I become alien while lost in thoughtful dread?


I relax my eyes and briefly live as impressionism

No hard lines, no focus

No use for skepticism

Let the schism end

All the colors become vibrant

All the colors start to blend

Again, I regain focus

Regain my singularity

Now I’m one

Against it all, comparing me

They tear at me, taking in every damned detail

I miss impressionism

The way their eyes would trail…

Similar Structure

Thought inspires

When I tire, my mind carries on

I could write of anything

I often think in song

Rhyme is just a simple tool

I use it to retain

Then from time to time I let it spill onto the page

Wave after wave, residual of mist

Accumulating endlessly

The ink begins to drip

Sifting through the thoughts

Strung up in a frame

Slave to simple structure

Similarity, innate

The Surface

Energy renewed

Drive put back in gear

No more going in reverse

Forward, facing fears

I no longer hear the doubts

They used to drown me out

Leave me standing ever still

Drifting further

Further down…

Now I’m surfacing

Clearing water from my lungs

How it hurts and stings

My eyes are burning

I know I’m alive

Step First, Thoughts Second

Try a bite

It’s more than you can chew

Exceeding expectations

Has you choking, turning blue

New flavors always appetize

Quickly lose their spice

Get so hard to swallow when it swings around to ice

Life is all progression

A two four seven operation

Little time for such discretion

Step in head first

Later is for second thoughts

Chase what first occurs