A Grain of Sky

The summer sky at night is alike to any other

Empty of all light aside from stars that sputter

Flicker out of sight

Contending with the moon to see who is most bright

A tight race, neck and neck

The moon borrows its light from our own little speck

A traitor to the stars

Equally as dim from some other planet, far

Feeble, just the same

In this desert ocean, we are not but one small grain

Sweet Tooth Curse (Ingesting Words)

I know the taste of bitter truth

It can’t be cleansed

It’s of no use

Sweet tooth curse

No curing me

Ever seeking words to eat

Getting more

Exceeding what I bargained for

Flavor out of question

Swallowing them whole cuts out all the guessing

Ingesting fact and fiction

Not the Time or Place

My feelings seem like fiction

Fantasies on page

I feel I’d explain easily

Only face to face

All is wasteful all the while

Bound to scare away

It’s not a lack of words

Just no proper way to say

To win

To gain favor from afar

All this ink accomplishes is making me seem jarred

Unstable and obsessed

Maybe it’s due time to put it all back in the chest

Address it for a move

An unknown destination

Maybe someday I’ll find you

Inanimate Reflection

Old pine paneling

A tarnished bedside stand

A stack of classic books

A pen, some ink and sand

A mirror hung askew, as if to make a statement

The way I often see myself is subject to displacement

And evident in my surroundings

Cold steel frame, old boxspring sounding

Drowning all else out

The screech of antique coils, bearing weight with doubt

A stout box of cigars, empty for a century

So hollow and profound, like it really gets me

Let me ramble on

Or simply walk away

I’m bound to change while you are gone

Broken Compass

There’s just something about me

You can’t quite point it out

It makes you want to hate me

Makes you want to shout

I doubt you’ll ever know exactly why this is

Or why I had to choose you

From out blue, it seems

I don’t even know why

I’m like a broken compass

Useless little trinket, sentimental loveless


The heat holds me down like bedpost bindings, not allowing me to rise

I retreat underground, hid from the sun’s eyes

I sigh, the cool air suspends me

Dante’s icy hell has never seemed so tempting

I’m four feet, hopeful for six

Ready to cool off in the dreadful river Styx

Willing Prey, Accidental Predator

A smile

Those eyes

A graceful tongue

Unconsciously, a web was spun

Stunned by beauty you exude

High cardiac magnitude

My crude heart was badly shaken

Though I doubt you meant to take it

Mistakenly, you captured me

Lovely spider, lowly flea

You can’t release me from your web

Eat me or leave me for dead

Suspended, hanging off every word

Snared by silken letters

No longer hidden in the fur

An unwanted passenger, praying for life or death in open air

Severed from the Sun

Groaning joints and weakened limbs

Sickly little tree of sin

Slim and sinuous

Like a whip

Of mort-flesh, cut in strips

Ripped apart by stormy weather

The skies aren’t likely to get better

Severed from the pretty Sun

I live rooted in the mud

Roots of the Immortal Muse

To immortalize myself for my own sake is mad

That’s why I write of you, my only muse, so that

Perhaps the joy and captivation you do seed in me

Will spread like graceful wildfire

Take hold in the ink

Sink deep in the hearts of anyone that reads

Though you’ll never mean to them what you do mean to me

You are the sea, you are the sky

All beyond, between

You’re my sweet everything

My pain, my shame, my greed

If indeed fate was less cruel

You truly would be mine

Not simply some stray, lovely thought

Immortally on mind