Ramble and Flow

The way the letters drag out, they create an ebb and flow
Drizzles of dark misery, rapids that erode
Chosen without care, changing like the weather
Changing like the face of Earth, for worse more oft than better
Fretting over details will never take me far
That’s why I let words spill out and leave them as they are
Scarred by piece of mind
The lines are near infectious, just because they’re mine
And I am a miser
Hoarding this great sickness
Knowledge, yet no wiser
Just tired, frail…
I could burst
I let out excess pressure on the page in form of verse
Unrehearsed and poorly structured
It’s not innovation
My attention greatly suffers

Island Etchings

Someday I’ll stand on this small island and watch all the bridges burn
I’ll turn, take in the full three hundred and sixty degrees
I’ll breathe, taking in the smoke from my social pyre
I’ll feel higher
Finally above it all
I’ll sprawl, singular in my space
Tracing letters in the sand
No more fear of losing face
I’ll erase them with a motion
My little island etch-a-sketch
Alone in this vast ocean