Sure. Why not?

I received a message from a relatively small group on Deviant Art. I’ve been asked for permission to have a poem of mine read for a series of videos hosted on Youtube. I’ve decided to give the go ahead. It’s admittedly flattering that there is any degree of interest in my work beyond those who enjoy reading poetry in private. I’ve considered doing readings of my material on Youtube, but I’ve never followed through. If this goes well enough, I may finally start my poetry “vlog”.

I dearly hope that by this point you’ve stopped reading, as I’m merely rambling. It’s much less entertaining when I’m not doing it in rhyme. Here’s the group I mentioned. You like poetry, right?

The Stray

I often slip away and hide myself from life

Wandering so aimlessly, in and out of sight

No light to guide the way

Never anywhere for long

Ever called “The Stray”

Strolling deeply shaded allies

Always somewhere in between

Never a fixed address

Passing close, though rarely noticed

The life of a Wanderer is lonely, though not hopeless

Focus likes seclusion

I may be lost in my own world, but I hold no delusions