No Teeth

I feel I’m running circles

Tracking my own steps

Writing of the same old things until there’s nothing left

No fresh ideas, no muses

Like a wolf that lost its teeth

I no longer have the tools to live

Don’t have the tools to eat

Nothing seems to go my way

It’s not for lack of effort

I just end up far astray

All the same wrong turns

I always feel so far behind where I was at first

Empty Hands to Lend

Generosity seems to be some finite kind of source

The more that I express, the less others export

At my core, I’m selfless

I leave myself empty handed

Give away everything and leave myself defenseless

My senseless state of being

Stretching myself thin

Always giving, not receiving

Static Panic

Something has to give

I’m not about to break

All the honest effort and I can’t find the way

I can’t stay here any longer

I’m not getting younger

No, I wont get any stronger

Someone offer me a hand

I’m sick of helping others when I’ve got nothing to lend

Fruitless Spirits

Ten days have passed me by

Life seems like one quick flash

I try to find the time

Trying to look back

The fact remains the same

It’s hard to differentiate monotonous, dark days

The light fading from the moment

Obscuring all that was, like a spirit, cold and potent

I know it, vaporous and fruitless

Grasping at the past is often rather useless

Avoiding the Net

I rise above the surface, but only for a peek

I can’t stand the harsh atmosphere

Can’t find the breath to speak

There seems to be no pause

Voices voicing points of view

Screaming for their cause

Nauseating anger and frustration

My fuse begins to burn away, ignited by aggression

Slipping neath the waves

The silence that I find down here is all that keeps me sane

Strange tangents that I write

I’d never find a single one up there with all that light