Avoiding the Net

I rise above the surface, but only for a peek

I can’t stand the harsh atmosphere

Can’t find the breath to speak

There seems to be no pause

Voices voicing points of view

Screaming for their cause

Nauseating anger and frustration

My fuse begins to burn away, ignited by aggression

Slipping neath the waves

The silence that I find down here is all that keeps me sane

Strange tangents that I write

I’d never find a single one up there with all that light

2 thoughts on “Avoiding the Net

  1. I used to follow your content on deviantart, but I’m very glad to see you’ve found a new place. While deviantart allows us more easy views and interaction, I haven’t been very comfortable with it for a long while now. I suffered a bit of a creative low when I left, which is why I’m thrilled to see you haven’t. This is a wonderful poem, I hope to see more of them in the future! xx


    • I’m equally thrilled that you came across me here. Thanks for reading, as always. I have to say though, on an individual basis, my poetry is seen in greater volume here. On the whole, not so much. I think that in time it will surpass my deviantart page in any case. Thanks again for the thoughtful words.


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