The Last Words

Distance makes the heart forget

Fondness, less and less

That feeling of elation, now anxiety at best

A sense of some great loss

Even with all these advances, none make time to talk

They stopped caring long ago

Whenever I reach out, I get a half-hearted “Hello”

I know it’s oft one sided

Few of them ever cared near as much as I did

I wish all my time could be returned

So much pain caused by being stuck with the last words




Second Hand Wisdom

Speak your second hand words of wisdom

Sow your seeds of doubt

I refuse to nurture them

They’ll perish in the drought

Spout ineffective garbage

To me, it makes no difference

I have my own opinion

I don’t care how you infer it

I’ll endure it all the same

Let you go on thinking you’re some wise, all knowing Sage


Passing by so fast, the days become a blur

Weeks lead into months

I remain unheard

Not dormant, but elusive

When it comes to poetry, I’m not always so inclusive

I keep plenty to myself

I merely draw the shades back

A glimpse of this pure hell

Telling, though hazily defined

A view through dirty glass

The rest I have to hide

The Waiting Game

Well, I submitted my first pitch to Cracked. Sticking to the traditional list format and decided to start with “6 Children’s Activities That Teach Survival Skills”. I’ve got a few more that I’m flushing out, so I’m not worried if this one doesn’t make the cut.


Sure, I rarely show it through frowns or heavy eyes

I often wear a smile

Master of disguise

Lies to keep away

Fighting this depression and self directed rage

Page after page after page after page

I can’t hold it any longer and my grin begins to fade

In the face of repetition

Weathered like a mountain where the wind and rain is ceaseless


I find myself in fear of numbers

Ever increasing, breaching slumber

I hunger for more time

As the years add up, my time left declines

A kind of sick displacement

Osmosis between what has passed and that which fate has hid yet

A potent concentration

Everything I’m hoping for and all the time I’ve wasted

It’s making me lose sleep

I need to find my purpose

Need to make myself complete