Caring for Old Words

What am I, just piles of letters?

Useless, though they keep forever

Collecting mold and dust

Foxing on the corners

Old ink will even rust

Trust in the passage of time

It cannot be broken as can your word

As can mine

I try to bind myself

Every promise made was in belief I could fulfill

Ill falls without discretion

Bonds will end up broken if I don’t fight to protect them

Solid Ground

Sometimes my lack of will betrays what I have done

Is my strength so spent that I struggle to move on?

Long battles leave me feeling tired

In this weathered state, I feel so trapped

I feel so mired

I try hard to take a step

I continue to sink deeper

It feels tight up to my chest

Each breath becomes a strain

I want to know the freedom of solid ground again

Run On

A sudden, bitter feeling pulls me back from edge of sleep

A feeling of wasted time and a life incomplete

Competing with the sweetness of this new found, missing piece

Confliction of emotions were never strong as these

Leading me down many a strange path

I hope that old taste fades and only sweetness everlasts