Change of Taste

Don’t want to be the one you see at lunch on MTV

Don’t want to be your drive at five

Just wanna make enough to have a buck when I want it

Live in some run down, small apartment


I used to have these dreams of being some big something

It seems I’ve had a change in taste

Don’t wanna waste all those precious little moments

When you live large, time really flies


I don’t want to die like idols

Don’t give a fuck who laughs or cries

I just want my life modest

I want to leave something behind

2 thoughts on “Change of Taste

  1. Hey, friend. We really do have some crazy stop-start correspondence. You’ve been my pen pal for longer than several of my friends have known me. I hope you know I always wonder about how you are. We’re so bad at keeping in touch these days, if you can find me on facebook, that’d be cool. It’s a little strange, I think. You know a lot about me that even the closest people in my life don’t, and yet, on facebook, you’ll see everyday, menial me. It’s like I’m crossing lines or something. If you don’t want to, that’s fine. It’s just, when it comes down to it, you’re my friend. So Jessica Whelan is my name, I’m on facebook, and if you want to talk there that’s fine, and if you want to keep our weird, obscure, pen-pal friendship (which is awesome, btw) then let’s keep in touch more often via email or something. Just let me know what you prefer. We dont have to talk all the time. Maybe just like, a monthly message or something, idk. I’m leaving this on a public commentary which makes me a little weirded out. I’m a pretty reserved person. But, anyway. Yeah. You’re an awesome human being.


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