The Endless Headache; Verbal Destreza

As someone who uses the internet on a regular basis (more specifically social media), I tend to get into a lot of arguments. Sometimes I’m just another voice, trying to hammer reason into some MAGA man. Sometimes I’m the magnet, drawing too much attention. Each and every additional person that joins the “conversation” wants to start from the beginning, forcing me to either point out the day old discussion that answers all their stupid questions, or begin another grueling “battle of wits”. That frustrates me beyond compare, as I take the time to look into things before challenging them. I only expect that simple courtesy from my would be opponents. I’m not trying to master some verbal Destreza and defeat a seemingly endless stream of contenders. I feel like I was going somewhere with all of this, but I think it can stand on its’ own. No need for a summation of one drawn out thought.

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