Deviating Paths

Something in the way we spoke left a deep impression

Lessons learned, all innate and unburdened by the effort

Thoughts exchanged, paths deviating once again

I’ve always been “that quiet guy”

Your distant, silent friend

But it seems the end has come

I turned my back too long and now that life has come undone

Pieces scattered by steady winds of change

I tried to return, arriving out of place


Small offerings, left at the door

A visit from the stray

Often caught in glimpses

Never to be tamed

Nameless, unfamiliar to touch

The alleyway wanderer, strolling by at dusk

Trust, too seldom on display

Just looking for a place to get out of the rain

Thin Memories

Lost in shades of dreams of days that never came to be

Memories fade and colours start to bleed


Falling through the cracks

Imaginings of futures, all turning into past

Present unfulfilled

Resemblance minimal to the boy who sought the world

Tidal Drift

Like a rare light in ocean depths, I shine best in isolation

Glimmers out of sight, trick of the eye

A speck in your vision

Drifting aimlessly through life

Undercurrents move me forward

In a murky, endless night…

Washed ashore, where I remain for the low times

Again borne

Away on high tide

Suspended Below

As the world closes in

Narrows ’round your eyes

A sense of panic breaks

A storm comes with the tide

Crashing like the waves

Blood rushing past your ears

Flow ebbing through your veins

Heart beating loud and clear

Crushing like the ocean

Abysmal fathoms, deeper fears

Dragged down by emotion

Pressures great

Waters unclear