Waiting for change is a losing game

Wasting finite moments

Devoid of substance

Shell of a life

Filled with fruitless hoping

Endless coping with loss

Stuck in a rut, the whole world up above

I’m looking skyward


From here, I’ll go unheard


It seems history repeats

Defeated by quantity over quality

Scores of hollow voices, echoing dishonesty

Confidence with ilk in tow

Fools leading fools leads to schools of thought so shallow

Barely scraping at the surface

Herd mentality can help as well as hurt us

Silent Gardens

Mired in thought

Depths unknown

Lost to the waking world

Wide eyed

Still as stone

Passersby unheard

Blinded by the visions

Reminiscence, mixed with hopes and wishes

Flitting by while I remain


Statuary man


A breath of air, exhaled against glass

Figure of eight, crude face, traced as seconds pass

While away the morning

Sun peeks over treetops

Greeting me less warmly

Adorned with wool and fleece

Cold nips at my fingers and settles in my feet

Sleepy memories I’d rather put to rest

Rise in the street, shake ice from hair with hands

Already cold to the touch

Free coffee in the lobby of a bank, with some luck

To the back lot for a spell

Roll a cigarette

Snap back to here and now

Shade of Winter

Reaching out into light

Cold night air, clinging at the shadows

Flowers in the door yard

Beauty of the fall

A hard Winter’s warning

Mid autumn morning heeds the call

Frost stalling for a moment

Lingering in darker places

Soon to mist, then gone

Traceless, weightless vapors

Chased off by the Sun

Light Blind

Quick and careless words

Hurled on the page

No time for thought

Weather soon to change

Storms hem me in

This house and I aren’t grounded

Best not take the risk

I’ve been close too many times

Mere feet from a flash

Lightning left me blind

Right eye, still veiled by the image

Ghost of a moment

Spirit of permanence