Teenage Radioactive Spider-Turtles

It would seem this is the project that just keeps giving. I wish I were referring to the seven dollars in quarters that I unjammed from the slots…. Well, I suppose it’s fortunate that I’ve spent the last year sharpening up my soldering skills, as there’s a great deal of exposed and frayed wiring to deal with. Regarding the aesthetic side of things, it’s going smoothly enough. I finished adding a temporary layer of vinyl and applied some graphics to cover up all the tears and bald spots in the original laminate, plus I installed a new marquee this morning. Once the original bezel arrives, it should look much better. I discovered along the way that it was originally a TMNT cabinet from Konami, with just two pieces of the original Spider-Man art crudely transplanted onto it. I’m set to have about two grand invested by the end, which is more money than I’ve ever spent on something in my life. Time will tell whether this was a fruitful learning experience or not. To be totally honest, I’m thinking about restoring it back to a Turtles cab.

P.S. I forgot to take a before picture, but it was pretty beat up.

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