Signal Fades The Year

Flashes of light to mark the end

Explosions in the sky

Necks craned as colours hypnotize

Fire and sulphurous smoke

Immolate the year’s end



Burn it all away

Resolutions and lost hopes

Scorched away by coloured flame

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Tidal Thoughts

These fleeting moments of ambition, bubbling to the surface before bursting. I try my best to nurture them. Long, sleepless nights, spent at my bedside, head cradled in hands. Tumultuous depths, disturbances, then placid once again. Reflection comes back into view. Temporary clarity, then chaos renewed. Is this progress? Is this regression? I wonder in endless tides, rising and falling, often caught in shallow pools. Vain attempts at ruling these small worlds within worlds.


Arms crossed, perched upon an ice box

Rod tucked under arm

Cold days of early winter

Fingers feeling numb

Somewhere deep in thought

Broken only for a moment as the line goes taut

The clock sets

Lost under horizon

Marking the end

Homeward goes the fisherman


Idle time

Light dancing in the dark

The candle burns

Wax drips in fits and starts


Tendrils of gray smoke

Rays of flame

Drawing me in close

Moth with ashen wings


Immolation soon complete


I’ve known strange days

Hidden away in memory

Interplay between past and present feelings

I’ve strayed away

Withdrawn into my mind

Tried to learn the act of healing

To seal the wounds I can reach


For those that run too deep

Wind Wail

Sun sets, giving rise to the wind

Scouring the earth

Leaves little but oblivion

Destruction in its’ wake

Another night, feeling nearby timbers quake


Suspended by thin nerves


Wailing through the woods

Shuddering Gale


Awning bucks in the wind

Tree trunks tremble

Torn limb from limb

Lights flicker

Early warning in effect

Windows shudder as I’m taking two steps back

Violent forces knocking at the door

Deadbolt and bar

Weathering the storm

Restless Coast

Sleep comes in fits

Hours flit by like moths at the window

I gather my thoughts

Spell them out in lights

Similar allure

Eyes from the unknown

Often lost

Denizens of night

Drawn to beacons

These towers of the mind

Souls caught on the wind

At my window, they arrive