Nothing is Static

Beast of infinite pieces

Ceaselessly evolving

Revolving cycles

Aging like the sun

I’ve lived lifetimes

Seemingly anchored in one spot

Held aloft, in a vacuum, shining through cold space

Caught in a current

The fourth dimensional wake

I’ve been places, so devoid of understanding

Ever lagging, in a plane ever expanding

Reveal Me

No patience for weak minds

Malign me and pay the price

I’ll tear you down with words, or with violence if I like

I’m not the type to be pushed over

I’ve carried a knife since I was eight years old

I’m colder


More resistant than steel

Talk down to me

I’ll crush you under heel


I stumble with each step, getting closer to the edge

Toward the threshold

Standing at the precipice

It’s time to take a leap of faith

Flight or fall

I’ll be remade in any case

Arms outstretched

Fly or brace

Glass bones, lead heart, body made of paper weights

Bad Trade

I’ve rolled the dice countless times

Gambled with the light

Left my future up to chance

Let many pass me by

I’ve wasted days of youth

Grew up far too quick

Learned lessons about life, and what it means to live or take it

I’m debased, remade as something less

New perspectives bring no peace

Only deepening regrets



I press my face against the glass, just to feel the cold

Memories from distant past, when I was ten years old

I hold the images, reach out for the sensation

Try my best to save them, frame them, keep them clear of dust

Frost kissed cheek, daydreaming on the school bus

Lost in thoughts of thoughts lost that I thought when I was lost

Pines greens, winter whites and greys all blended up

Dappled with orange light

Blurring by my window

My kaleidoscope of ice


I never spare a thought

To the block, and off with their heads

Public spectacle

Fixation on death


Breathe in red

Exhale crisis

Existential dread

Endless endings

By ax, by the pen

Sentence passed

Off with their heads

Suspended Season

I am the grass beneath three feet of snow, waiting for the spring

I am the frog whose veins are cold as ice, life held within

I am dormancy

I’m a moment

One that won’t let go

Spring is coming, let the cycle run its’ course

Splintering Touch

Reaching out with thin hands

Suspended on strands of silk

Wooden eyes

Painted smile

Vessel of my will

Extension of my being

I’m the puppet, and master of the strings

Pulling at both ends


Tangled marionette


Between forms

Suspended state

Hidden from the sun


Who knows what I’ll become?

Static, yet something stirs inside

Evolving, searching with new eyes

Breach the light

Seek change, and new horizons

Look inside, I’m sure that’s where you’ll find them