Stay the Course

Relax for a breath, then again into the sea

Massive swells

Threat of capsizing


Take it head on

Don’t turn your bow

There’s nowhere to run

Don’t succumb

Don’t take on water

From the blue above, to the dark blue under

Important Decisions

I may have posted in the past year about trying to get my foot in the door of the skateboarding industry, and I’m here to tell you I haven’t given that up. I did a paid campaign before the holidays to give away a free deck, and handed out a few more besides. Most recently I’ve come up with a brand I’ll be trademarking soon, and I’m officially putting Lucas B. Melo on as my first sponsored skater. He hails from Brazil and practices freestyle. With some luck, hard work, and support, the aim is to get him into some AM level contest. The ultimate goal is to create an avenue for underprivileged skaters to not only participate in skating, but potentially thrive and make a career out of it. Lucas is the first to set out on that journey, and Brazil is the jumping off point. To make this clear, I’m on a shoe string budget. I had to move back in with my Mom, I have no nine to five as backup, and I only have a grand a month to live on, and support this project with. That support includes the salary I offered Lucas, which is the equivalent of a month’s wages in his country. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about my personal cost, I’m complaining about the fact that I can’t afford to pay him more. A month’s wages in Brazil is only just over $200 CAD. If I could, I’d pay him a real salary, but I have rent and the like to worry about as well. It’s in light of these facts that I’m now considering a Patreon page, solely to increase what I’m able to pay Lucas, and improve the platform to lift future skaters out of poverty. I’ll be setting it up in the coming months, and while I normally refrain from asking for any kind of assistance, I would appreciate it greatly if you helped to spread the word. I’ll update here with details leading up to the launch, between the usual torrents of mediocre free verse. Thank you for bearing with me, I realize this was a long and rambling affair.

Warm regards,

J. C. Lloyd

The Deal

I don’t know why I keep this up

It’s only for myself

Nobody cares for me

And I care for no one else

My personal hell, laid out on the page

People take a glance, then carry on their way

So many days

So many years I’ve invested

Always in the red

One sided transactions

Judge, Jury, Executioner, Prosecutor and Defendant

I set myself aside

I take pride in my detachment


Turn my eyes within



Unbiased perspective

Harsh judge

Knows the outs and the ins

Every transgression

Verdict served

Recommending corrections

Always Becoming

Trails of light that you follow

Streetlamps line the path

Will you stay the line, or will you stray into the black?

There’s no backtracking

The way dissolves behind

Forward into happenstance

Chance and your designs

Find balance, strive for adaptivity

Harmonious, self synchronicity

Incomplete Image

I suppose I’m here for the wrong reasons, as I often am
Despondency runs deep
I have my motivations
Not common place
I’ve always stood apart
Hard to figure out, despite my open heart
I’m abstract art
Impression of a man
Strange figure
Marred by misinterpretation

Blood Investments

The news has made the rounds now

Sirens sounding

Shrill despair

Fear was in the dooryard

Now it’s coming up the stairs

Careless politicians

Greasing gears of war

When it comes to economics, there’s nothing they like more

Technology and Technique

I’ve concluded that I need something half decent to record audio with. The old dictaphone I’ve been using just doesn’t sound great, no matter how much I manipulate it in post. Even the microphone in my camera is terrible. Those are my gripes for the day.

On the bright side of things, I made some more progress with the whole freestyle skating endeavor. I miss downhill, but learning something new is cool. Here, take a look at what I’ve been up to today.

Middle Weather

The cold rain falls

Wind whips it helter skelter

Change of seasons upon us

Still caught in the grips of winter

March comes hither

In like a lion

Roaring, clawing at windows

Best take shelter

Then, out like a lamb

Strange days on a northern strand

Eyes Ahead

Hollow words to fill the gaps

Passing time on dreary days

The wind howls

Soon comes the rain

Wash away the signs of winter

Look ahead to spring

Birds, bugs, flower buds, all the greener things