Between the Seasons

Last breaths of winter

Bitter cold across my neck

Leaving six months behind me

Grey skies and sunless depths

Grey skies that fade to black

And rise again in muted shades

Spring’s edge

Let the light find this place

Plain Clothes

Stringing days together

Dressing them with lace

Lining them with velvet

Inside pockets tucked away

Shell like suede, taken from my hide

I wear it like a mockery


Void of pride

Hiding little of the self

It’s no disguise

It’s my life turned inside out

Flowing Back

Travel inland, through fields

Over streams and hills

Deeper still, into the forest

Into the core of it

Unexplored lands

Find the river at the center

Marvel at its’ span

Eyes scan for distant banks

Sink or swim

Swept to the coast again

Out into the ocean

Harbors of Night

Questing toward new horizons

Shielding my eyes from the sun

Vast ocean before me

Shores to learn my touch

Off on the tides

I’ll arrive by still winds

I’ve been drifting through the night….

Across the world within



I’ve gone through the steps again


Gone until my feet bled


Ever harder to attain

Reaching new heights never was my aim

I only crave the struggle

Whether I ascend

Whether I’m buried in the rubble