Shorter Lives

If I could hold time in my hands

I’d wrap it like a gift

I’d give it all to you

Every single bit

I’d wish away the pain

All the struggles of old age

I’d see you spend your days

Resting or at play

Laying in the garden

Driving neighbors mad

Going for long walks, then sleeping like the dead

My head is full of memories

Most happy, some sad

Unconditional love is something rare to have

Lost Transitions

Familiar blooms, taken for granted

Planted in good faith

Things aren’t how they used to be

The seasons seem to change

No space between

From winter to summer

Shorter falls and shorter springs

Flora struggling

Harder to take root

Cracked earth, bearing little fruit

Find Spring

Try to outrun the weather

Clouds sever, disconnected from the sun

Bearing down

Storm brewing in the door yard

Hard rain

Soil begging for days

The dry spell is over

Sky coming down in waves