Moving forward, one foot before the other

Everything in steps

New ground covered

Not so caught up looking back

Distractions start to fade

Each time I look up, the world around me seems to change

It seems like I’m finally gaining momentum with my skate (boarding) company. I officially registered the business, and the skater I sponsored has some pretty big opportunities coming his way. Foremost is an interview with Rede Globo (Brazil’s top television broadcaster), and a potential feature in a magazine. Following all that, he’ll be hosting a competition in December. On my end, I’ve been in touch with some bands and got the go ahead to use some great music for a couple potential projects. Additionally, I managed to get a handful of decent boards ready. I just need to finish applying the top coats. Wish me luck, and scroll around my website if you haven’t already.

P.S. If you have even a couple dollars a month to spare, it would go a long ways in helping more people like Lucas. I know it’s out of character for me to start asking for money after nearly a decade, but it isn’t really for me, or for the writing I publish here. Thank you for reading, if you made it this far.

Warm regards,

J.C. Lloyd

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