Ink Weary

Did I lose you along the way?

Off to play at better pastimes?

Did I cross the line?

One too many run on rhymes?

Did I strike a nerve?

Ask too many questions?

Make you feel alike?

Akin to my perception?


Cutting to the chase

Did I lose you, or have I been outpaced?

Quiet Keys

White like the page

Letters black

Mimic ink

Connection lost along the way

Lever, bell, carriage sway

Ribbon spool keeping pace

Now empty space, a wake of silence

Charm falling prey to science

The digital age

Update, conform, replace

Static Years

New vistas call to me

I feel drawn beyond the horizon

Tired of all the same places my eyes come to rest

Summer creeps, slips by without notice

Autumn always falling next


Wears me thin like my old jacket

Soon the cold

Winter rears its’ ugly head

Back to waiting

Same old dance

Spring rains will come again