I’m not entirely sure why, but I have a good feeling about my business today. Considering that I’m already at rock bottom, with no intent on giving up, I’m inclined to think that things could only go up from here. I really hope they do, because I wasn’t even able to afford paying Lucas (or my rent) this month. The entire point of my brand is to help out skaters in the third world, so I’m pretty stressed about that.

In other news, my garage needs a new door. Going to take a look around today and hopefully find a place that has payment plans. Really need to get that in before winter, or the heating bills will ruin me. I know it must seem like I have some kind of problem at any given time, but that’s the nature of taking on a huge responsibility without any outside help.

Hope everyone has a decent day, and finds a moment to relax.

Warm Regards,

– J.C. “Mongo” Lloyd

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