The Edge of Everything

Passing through cracked sky

Slipping between clouds


High above the ground

From troposphere to stratosphere, mesosphere and on

Through boundaries, into the beyond

Deep space

Past the reaches of our familiar Sun

Seeing in a new light

See the universe undone

Fraying at the edges

Lost void

Grand precipice

Gaze into the well

Cast yourself and make a wish

Interview with mei-lwun yee aka gturnshuvit

An interview with a world class freestyle skateboarder, conducted by my friend Tom from Freestyle Video Magazine. Be sure to check out his other interviews and stay tuned for upcoming news.

Freestyle video magazine

1. What’s your real name and how old are you ?

Mei-Lwun Yee, 49

– [ ] 2. How long have you been freestyle skateboarding ?

I started freestyle during the pandemic while we were all stuck at home so 2020 in my yard on scrap plywood.

– [ ] 3 .who was the first freestyle skater you remember seeing ?

Rodney Mullen, Per Welinder, Ray Meyer

– [ ] 4 . What music have you been currently listening to if any ?

All over the place.90s hip hop, Chet Baker, Drum and Bass, Radiohead.

– [ ] 5 . Favourite trick ?

Favorite one I can do is probably 360 toe side rail-flip. Favorite one I wish I could do would probably be a Yuta spin.

– [ ] 6. Your current favourite skater/ skaters ?

Yuzuki, Jesse whalen, Mike Osterman, any Fujii

– [ ] 7 . Have…

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