Sudden Change

I’m now the editor and chief for the entire Freestyle Skateboarding Magazine. The founder decided to step down and leave the project to the remaining contributors.

The goal is still the same. We’ll feature skaters of every skill level, from all around the world, and I’ll still be printing a physical edition of the magazine, with a few key changes.

If you could be so kind as to follow us on Instagram, or on the main blog, we would really appreciate it! We also have a Discord server that’s just starting up! Here’s the invite link Freestyle is a small community, so every person counts 🙂

Warm regards,

J.C. “Mongo” Lloyd
– Poet, Skater, Editor, Chief, Publisher, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Holden Bystry

I’m putting together a new page for the magazine! Swing by and see what’s happening in the freestyle skateboarding community.

Freestyle Sk8 Magazine

Tom – How long have you been freestyle skateboarding for?

Holden – I’ve been freestyle skateboarding for five years now.

Tom – What got you into freestyle?

Holden – After moving to Arizona, I no longer had a blacksmith shop, so I didn’t have much else to do (used to be a blacksmith years ago) and it kinda just hit me that I can skate in this climate all year round, but I never had any interest in street skating… After watching a lot of Mike’s videos and others on YouTube.

Tom – How did the Tucson Thunderdome event come about?

Holden – Tucson Thunderdome is the product of counter culture. North America has not had any truly good and transparent events for a long long time, and with these new generations of AM’s, I do not want them to be lost to time.

Tom – Will this be a…

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The world round up “Terry chui” interview

Check out another great interview by Tom!

Freestyle video magazine

Tom – How long has the World Round-Up been happening, and how did you become a member of the group?

Terry – The World Round-Up started in 2012. This upcoming World Round-Up will be the 9th annual contest in terms of a live, in person contest. For the first two years of the pandemic starting in 2020, I proposed the idea of an online video contest to keep the freestyle community active and participating, so the Online Showdown was created and we ran that for 2 years. It was great to see so many freestyle skaters from around the world participate, and it gave people a chance to compete, even if they weren’t able to travel to a physical contest.

Tom – How is it organizing the only freestyle event in Canada ?

Terry – It’s a lot of work! We try to do our best to make it not…

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Abandoned Years

Sometimes it’s the crying and the screaming of it all

The only sign that I can even care anymore

I know it’s what you make of it

I know life isn’t fair
I know it could be worse, I was already there
Already took the drug

Already hit the bottom

Brought so many down with me, but they aren’t getting up

Sometimes it’s the lost sleep and the shame of it all

The only sign that I can even dream anymore