Holden Bystry

I’m putting together a new page for the magazine! Swing by and see what’s happening in the freestyle skateboarding community.

Freestyle Sk8 Magazine

Tom – How long have you been freestyle skateboarding for?

Holden – I’ve been freestyle skateboarding for five years now.

Tom – What got you into freestyle?

Holden – After moving to Arizona, I no longer had a blacksmith shop, so I didn’t have much else to do (used to be a blacksmith years ago) and it kinda just hit me that I can skate in this climate all year round, but I never had any interest in street skating… After watching a lot of Mike’s videos and others on YouTube.

Tom – How did the Tucson Thunderdome event come about?

Holden – Tucson Thunderdome is the product of counter culture. North America has not had any truly good and transparent events for a long long time, and with these new generations of AM’s, I do not want them to be lost to time.

Tom – Will this be a…

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