Quentin Jeang

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Freestyle Sk8 Magazine

Tom – How old are you and how long have you been freestyle skateboarding for? 

Quentin – I am 11. I have been Freestyle skating for a total of two years. 

Tom – I saw that you got first place in the rookie class at Tucson Thunderdome. What was it like skating in a freestyle event? 

Quentin – First, I was  stressed and almost didn’t compete. The night before, I didn’t sleep much. I was so anxious and upset, I didn’t want to go anymore. My mom and my brother Julian helped me and then my dad convinced me to go and try anyway, just for fun. So we went and it was a lot of fun. I am so glad they didn’t let me give up.  After, It felt really cool, especially because it was my first freestyle sk8ing competition and it was so sick seeing everyone skate…

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