Lillis Akesson

Freestyle Sk8 Magazine

Q – We’re excited to see that you are competing in the World Freestyle Round-Up in the Pro Division. What can we expect from your routine, and how do you practice for a competition?

Lillis: I usually go through my full routine 4 times each session. I warm up with dynamic stretching and then just roll around for a few minutes, then do my routine 4 times. Sometimes in sections, sometimes in full back to back. Depends how I feel, I am on medication for my anxiety and it makes me a bit weak.

My routine is unfortunately the same as last year’s in Brandenburg and Japan. I always try to improve my routine, but I don’t switch things around for no reason, just for the sake of it. It must feel better, my routine is like a painting that never gets finished. If I make my first run perfectly…

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