Terry Synnott (@modeskateboards)

Freestyle Sk8 Magazine

Tom – How long have you been freestyling?

Terry – I started skating in 1985 and got my first freestyle board about 10 months later.

Tom – You’re the owner of Mode Skateboards. How long has Mode been around and what are some of the highlights of the brand?

Terry – Mode started in 2010. The first boards we ever made were brought to the 2010 world freestyle championships in Philadelphia and sold to other people skating in the contest. I had just started learning about screen-printing and those were the first ones I ever printed. To date, I’ve hand-screened every Mode board we have ever made. I like being in charge of that aspect and being able to do small batches with always-changing color schemes. I also like that my wife, Jenna, designs most of the graphics.

Tom – Favourite freestyle trick, as well favourite skateboarder growing up?


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