Marius Constantin (@marius_constantin)

Check out my latest interview with Romanian Pro Skater, Marius Constantin! It’s better than that poetry I normally post, if you ask me.

Freestyle Sk8 Magazine

Lloyd – Thanks again for agreeing to do an interview! Would you like to introduce yourself for any new readers?

Marius – Thank you too!
Yes, my name is Marius Constantin and I`m from Romania. I started freestyle skateboarding around 2007 and for a very long time I was the only one doing it, but that changed when I started making tutorials on YouTube in my language. I own Nose&Tail skateshop, the only skateshop in eastern Europe that sells freestyle gear and I am a big supporter of the freestyle movement.

Lloyd – I recently watched your two part travel blog about journeying to the Urban Rural Ride in France. Is there one specific memory that stands out to you the most after travelling over 2,000 kilometres to get there?

Marius – Part 3 is out just as I’m writing this, you should check it out. Travelling over 2.000 km…

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W Dean Jones (@w.deanjones_fs)

Freestyle Sk8 Magazine

Tom – How long have you been freestyle skateboarding?
Dean – I started freestyle in the early 80s, but technically I have been freestyle skating for 4 years.

Tom – What’s your current board setup?
Dean – I ride a Moonshine double kick Kill Your Idols 7.3″,  Paris trucks, Venom bushings, Waltz Stinkers, Synopsis bearings, Seismic skids.

Tom – Current favourite song?
Dean – HIM, The Sacrament.

Tom – What’s your current favourite trick and one you’re working on?
Dean – No handed 50 50 and No handed 50 50.

Tom – What plans do you have for your skateboarding in 2023?
Dean – Push harder, learn more, progression, getting my flow together and getting a routine.

Tom – Who’s your current favourite freestyle skater?
Dean – Everyone, I can’t put names on them because everyone brings something so great and different. I can’t just name one. Right now…

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