W Dean Jones (@w.deanjones_fs)

Freestyle Sk8 Magazine

Tom – How long have you been freestyle skateboarding?
Dean – I started freestyle in the early 80s, but technically I have been freestyle skating for 4 years.

Tom – What’s your current board setup?
Dean – I ride a Moonshine double kick Kill Your Idols 7.3″,  Paris trucks, Venom bushings, Waltz Stinkers, Synopsis bearings, Seismic skids.

Tom – Current favourite song?
Dean – HIM, The Sacrament.

Tom – What’s your current favourite trick and one you’re working on?
Dean – No handed 50 50 and No handed 50 50.

Tom – What plans do you have for your skateboarding in 2023?
Dean – Push harder, learn more, progression, getting my flow together and getting a routine.

Tom – Who’s your current favourite freestyle skater?
Dean – Everyone, I can’t put names on them because everyone brings something so great and different. I can’t just name one. Right now…

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