The Hard Season

Once defined, my mind begins to weather

Complexity less frequently ascribed to my endeavors

Tempered by repetition, the hammer strikes the stone

Rough shape

Edges unhoned

The Zirconium Man

Shimmers less brightly now

Facets danced like diamonds

Lustre gone to clouds

Proud days, passed and laid to rest

Lost dynamic



Self Help?

Self help books are getting aggressive. Just saw one called “Unf**k Yourself”. That doesn’t even make sense. Is it a book for people who get told off a lot? The other one was called “Hardcore Self Help: F**k Anxiety”, which seems a bit intense for anyone with anxiety issues. Maybe I’ll write a self help book called “F**k You and Your P**sy As* Depression”.  It would save lives…. or result in a string of suicides. These things are coin toss.

Sordid Flower

Body twisted and contorted

This sordid flower begins to wilt

Years of malnutrition, living only off stout will

Still, roots running deep

A funny thing for one so static

Forever held in place, it seems

No beam of light can penetrate

None venerate its’ beauty

None will look for it in Spring