Things with my business haven’t been going well. I’ve blown through all my savings trying to keep it afloat, and sales are simply non-existent, despite having the best prices and only selection in the entire country. If that’s not a sign there’s no market to be had, then I don’t know what is. Hell, I was never in it to make money, but I had at least hoped to break even and have the means to help more people in need. On top of that misery, I get disrespected by almost everyone in the industry, as if I’m some feckless vulture. If it weren’t for the encouragement and support I receive from Decomposed Skateboards, I’d have likely quit by now and burned every bridge in a pyroclastic explosion of spite and bitter vengeance.

New vistas open up before you

New potential lies in wait

New avenues of change

Memories to create

So, I’ve got my first order of freestyle boards up on the webstore. If you live in Canada, I’ve got the best prices in town. On top of that, I put part of all proceeds towards helping skaters like Lucas in the third world. If you’re in the market for something to skate indoors this winter, I’d really appreciate you checking out the link below.

Keeping Busy

If you want to see what I’ve been up to, I post a variety of things on my instagram page. I’m just putting the finishing touches on a little pseudo art project, for example. It’s a surprise for a friend in need, and I’ll admit that I’m fairly proud of the results.

If you see fit to give me a follow, or the skater I sponsor, we would really appreciate it.

Warm regards,

J.C. “Mongo” Lloyd

Could you spare a moment?

Starting a charitable organization from the ground up is tough, and I encounter obstacles everywhere I look. The way it’s going, I’ll be several months behind schedule with products and marketing, but I had anticipated struggles, as I do in all things. If it weren’t for the good it does for those in need, I don’t think I could motivate myself to continue. To be clear, I have no current donors and do everything out of pocket.

For almost a decade now, I’ve freely offered my writing to anyone in need of a little catharsis. I’ve shown time and time again that you can struggle openly with things like depression and disappointment without it being the end of you, or defining you as a person. I’ll continue to do this until I can’t any longer, whether anyone reads or not, and regardless of whether anyone sees fit to support my many and varied efforts. I just ask that you consider it, and keep in mind that even two dollars a month from a stranger makes a world of difference for someone like Lucas, and all the people he helps in turn.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and my apologies for coming on a bit strong. I’ve felt like a life raft on the Titanic lately.

Warm regards,

Justin Clapp – Lloyd


Well, I’m healing up alright. My knee is finally strong enough to trust it. It rained almost every day since I slammed, so I didn’t actually lose time to the injury. Decent little silver lining, eh? Now that I’m mobile again, I have to start arranging days to film some street skating. I lined up the best locals I know, so I’m looking forward to it. If you dig the idea of being featured, let me know at

If you want to support the project and help get underprivileged folk on the path to a stable living, consider becoming the first member of our Patreon crew.

P.S. – It doesn’t matter where you’re from, or who you are. We welcome all types at Mongo Lloyd and Melo.

Taking root.

I’ve almost got the first big batch of products ready for my web-store, and Lucas is making great progress on the Brazilian side of things. I think I mentioned before that he has an interview coming up with the country’s biggest television broadcaster, to talk about our work helping underprivileged people across the globe get involved in the skateboarding community/industry. If anyone wants to help support the cause, a small monthly pledge to our patreon would go a long ways toward expanding our efforts. The first tier is only two dollars a month ($24 CAD for a whole year). It would cover some of the cost of things like heat transfer vinyl, shirts and other products, as well as payments to skaters, like Lucas. If you can’t, I understand, and ask only that you consider sharing the page with others instead. Thanks as always for reading. I hope you’re doing well, and staying healthy.

Warm regards,

J.C. Lloyd


Moving forward, one foot before the other

Everything in steps

New ground covered

Not so caught up looking back

Distractions start to fade

Each time I look up, the world around me seems to change

It seems like I’m finally gaining momentum with my skate (boarding) company. I officially registered the business, and the skater I sponsored has some pretty big opportunities coming his way. Foremost is an interview with Rede Globo (Brazil’s top television broadcaster), and a potential feature in a magazine. Following all that, he’ll be hosting a competition in December. On my end, I’ve been in touch with some bands and got the go ahead to use some great music for a couple potential projects. Additionally, I managed to get a handful of decent boards ready. I just need to finish applying the top coats. Wish me luck, and scroll around my website if you haven’t already.

P.S. If you have even a couple dollars a month to spare, it would go a long ways in helping more people like Lucas. I know it’s out of character for me to start asking for money after nearly a decade, but it isn’t really for me, or for the writing I publish here. Thank you for reading, if you made it this far.

Warm regards,

J.C. Lloyd

100 Pages

Well, one hundred consecutive days. It’s the first time in this process that I’ve felt a sense of achievement, of reaching some milestone. Despite health issues, injuries, power outages, and my tendency to quit on myself, I’ve managed to be consistent and engaged.

I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone that’s kept up with me thus far. I hope you’re enjoying what little I have to offer, and I look forward to keeping it going as long as I can. To be earnest, I may well switch to every other day once the year is up.

While I’m here, I’ll give an update on my skate brand. Things are coming together piece by piece. I have stock building up and I should be ready to officially launch by the end of the summer, hopefully earlier. It’s a fairly seasonal business in Canada, but I had anticipated the first year being a loss in any case. It’s been a fun project so far, and time well spent, even if I’m not making any money. More updates to come.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Warm Regards,

J.C – Lloyd