I’m not entirely sure why, but I have a good feeling about my business today. Considering that I’m already at rock bottom, with no intent on giving up, I’m inclined to think that things could only go up from here. I really hope they do, because I wasn’t even able to afford paying Lucas (or my rent) this month. The entire point of my brand is to help out skaters in the third world, so I’m pretty stressed about that.

In other news, my garage needs a new door. Going to take a look around today and hopefully find a place that has payment plans. Really need to get that in before winter, or the heating bills will ruin me. I know it must seem like I have some kind of problem at any given time, but that’s the nature of taking on a huge responsibility without any outside help.

Hope everyone has a decent day, and finds a moment to relax.

Warm Regards,

– J.C. “Mongo” Lloyd

Small Hours

I awoke around two this morning, knowing immediately that I wasn’t going to fall asleep again. I decided to do a little more work on the arcade cabinet that’s been consuming much of my time. There’s an original Spider-Man bezel now, as well as some handmade blinders and a layer of clear poly to protect the monitor. I’ve also checked every inch of the wiring, covering exposed connections and the like. As you’ll see in the video, I need to put a backing on the marquee. It looks washed out in person as well. I’m honestly glad to have another project for the long winter months, so I feel no need to rush things.

Hope everyone is having a pleasant day/night, whichever it happens to be.

Deaf ears, blind eyes and the like.

—– I used to have a seemingly bottomless well of patience with the world at large, but it’s all but dried up in the last few years. Feels that no matter what happens, no matter what’s said, things just get worse. When did society as a whole lose its’ way so completely? Was it always this bad before global communications became commonplace? I spend a lot of time thinking on such things, wondering if there’s some corner of the world that’s untouched by this modern condition.

So tiring.

Damn. I don’t really have the energy to stay mad about anything these days. There’s too much wrong with the world to get caught up in any one specific thing for very long. I think that’s how a lot of terrible shit goes under the radar in modern times. It used to be that news traveled slowly and something terrible would be given the time and attention necessary. It’s like trying to fix anything, as you need to spend due time on each step to achieve the desired result. You can’t solve every problem all at once, it’ll just burn you out and accomplish nothing.

Change of pace.

I’ve been repairing and collecting consoles, controllers, accessories and games this last month. Perhaps something of a midlife crisis, but it’s been fruitful. Any boxed item in this picture is actually in the box, with everything included (even the paperwork). The Action Set and the Super Nintendo are both in near mint condition regarding the actual hardware, though the cardboard has aged in the way that most does. Since coming into my care and being worked on, this photo was the first time they’ve been out of their climate controlled, sealed containers. Something inside me really disliked setting it all out on the carpet, regardless of having vacuumed and dusted. I’ve still got to clean the shells of a couple systems, so I suppose I’m off to do that. Luckily all the soldering is out of the way for now. I hope everyone else’s month has been as productive, even if the world is set against you.

Warm Regards,



I’ve been trying harder not to react to every little thing that bothers me. In today’s society, it’ll just give you a headache. Social media has become part of society, whether I like it or not. I tend to avoid it for great lengths of time, finding that people notice the absence less and less. I don’t really mind, as it gives me ample time to explore my own thoughts. I may not publish as many poems publicly, such as I have in past years, but I still write often. This is likely to fall on deaf ears, or no ears at all. I’ve come to enjoy the solitary nature of my craft.

Job Interviews

I’ve been getting a lot of interviews for potential jobs lately, but none have amounted to anything so far. I even tend to get second interviews, which is usually a good sign. Tomorrow is yet another interview. Here’s to the hope that I land a position. I really need to start putting money aside for all the projects I want to start. Wish me luck, internet.