Quentin Jeang

We’re keeping it alive! Come check out the magazine, now headed by myself and John Preston Brooks, with help from great people like Daniel Jones!

Freestyle Sk8 Magazine

Tom – How old are you and how long have you been freestyle skateboarding for? 

Quentin – I am 11. I have been Freestyle skating for a total of two years. 

Tom – I saw that you got first place in the rookie class at Tucson Thunderdome. What was it like skating in a freestyle event? 

Quentin – First, I was  stressed and almost didn’t compete. The night before, I didn’t sleep much. I was so anxious and upset, I didn’t want to go anymore. My mom and my brother Julian helped me and then my dad convinced me to go and try anyway, just for fun. So we went and it was a lot of fun. I am so glad they didn’t let me give up.  After, It felt really cool, especially because it was my first freestyle sk8ing competition and it was so sick seeing everyone skate…

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Holden Bystry

I’m putting together a new page for the magazine! Swing by and see what’s happening in the freestyle skateboarding community.

Freestyle Sk8 Magazine

Tom – How long have you been freestyle skateboarding for?

Holden – I’ve been freestyle skateboarding for five years now.

Tom – What got you into freestyle?

Holden – After moving to Arizona, I no longer had a blacksmith shop, so I didn’t have much else to do (used to be a blacksmith years ago) and it kinda just hit me that I can skate in this climate all year round, but I never had any interest in street skating… After watching a lot of Mike’s videos and others on YouTube.

Tom – How did the Tucson Thunderdome event come about?

Holden – Tucson Thunderdome is the product of counter culture. North America has not had any truly good and transparent events for a long long time, and with these new generations of AM’s, I do not want them to be lost to time.

Tom – Will this be a…

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The world round up “Terry chui” interview

Check out another great interview by Tom!

Freestyle video magazine

Tom – How long has the World Round-Up been happening, and how did you become a member of the group?

Terry – The World Round-Up started in 2012. This upcoming World Round-Up will be the 9th annual contest in terms of a live, in person contest. For the first two years of the pandemic starting in 2020, I proposed the idea of an online video contest to keep the freestyle community active and participating, so the Online Showdown was created and we ran that for 2 years. It was great to see so many freestyle skaters from around the world participate, and it gave people a chance to compete, even if they weren’t able to travel to a physical contest.

Tom – How is it organizing the only freestyle event in Canada ?

Terry – It’s a lot of work! We try to do our best to make it not…

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Mauro Corrêa

Check out the quick interview I did with pro freestyle skater, Mauro Corrêa, featured on Tom’s Freestyle Video Magazine!

Freestyle video magazine

Photo by Luis Henrique 1978

1. For new readers, would you like to introduce yourself?

– Hi, I’m Mauro Corrêa, I’m 62 years old. I live in Brazil, in Guarapari-Es. I’ve practised freestyle since 1973, and in 1980 I won a championship in Minas Gerais. In 1985 I stopped practising the sport, but returned in 2020.

2. When did you first discover freestyle skateboarding?

– When I was 13 I had my first experience with a skateboard, then through magazines, North Americans and friends who already practiced.

3. What’s the biggest change in Brazilian freestyle since you started?

– Today we have more access to materials to practice the sport, and with that there was an improvement in performance.

4.You have a really great trick selection. Do you have a favourite?

– Coconut Wheelies, 360’s and Nose Wheelies.

5.Which year and place did you first enter a contest?

– In…

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Monica Tușinean

Another great interview is up. Swing by and read about it on the Freestyle Video Mag!

Freestyle video magazine

Euro 2022

  • [ ] 1. How long have you been freestyle skateboarding for?
    About two and a half years now – I started skateboarding during the 2020 covid lockdowns and went straight to freestyle. Glad the pandemic hobby stuck.
  • [ ] 2. What is your current board setup?
    I switch between the Waltz Huntington 7,4” deck, Independent 109 trucks, and Donut Wheels, and a custom-made Gary Hillock deck. I’m not very picky, just give me a narrow single-kick board (7,3″-7,4″) with a tiny wheelbase (under 12,75″), barely any concave, and a cute graphic… okay, maybe I am a little picky.
  • [ ] 3. What is your current favourite trick as well as one you’re close to getting?
    I just really love Caspers! And while I started getting “the running (wo)man” and rail toe spins more consistently recently, I just want to focus on smoother, quicker, and more complex footwork. The…

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Denham hill

Check out the latest interview!
More great stuff to come.

Freestyle video magazine

1. As I last checked, you’re in the States right now for a pro freestyle contest in Arizona. You’re quite the skateboarding globe-trotter! What contest or event sticks out to you the most? Any specific memories or stories you’d mind sharing with us?

1. I’ve been getting around a bit! I’ve been lucky enough to skate in a lot of contests, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. One that’ll always stick out to me is my first contest, Paderborn 2015(?) I think it was. I was advised to enter pro despite only being back into freestyle for a short while. I got utterly smoked, which led me to have a difficult relationship with contests from then on in. I think that baptism of fire was a good thing looking back on it. It motivated me to work a lot harder.

2. Your skating is—among other things—lightning fast. Did you…

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Interview with mei-lwun yee aka gturnshuvit

An interview with a world class freestyle skateboarder, conducted by my friend Tom from Freestyle Video Magazine. Be sure to check out his other interviews and stay tuned for upcoming news.

Freestyle video magazine

1. What’s your real name and how old are you ?

Mei-Lwun Yee, 49

– [ ] 2. How long have you been freestyle skateboarding ?

I started freestyle during the pandemic while we were all stuck at home so 2020 in my yard on scrap plywood.

– [ ] 3 .who was the first freestyle skater you remember seeing ?

Rodney Mullen, Per Welinder, Ray Meyer

– [ ] 4 . What music have you been currently listening to if any ?

All over the place.90s hip hop, Chet Baker, Drum and Bass, Radiohead.

– [ ] 5 . Favourite trick ?

Favorite one I can do is probably 360 toe side rail-flip. Favorite one I wish I could do would probably be a Yuta spin.

– [ ] 6. Your current favourite skater/ skaters ?

Yuzuki, Jesse whalen, Mike Osterman, any Fujii

– [ ] 7 . Have…

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I’m not entirely sure why, but I have a good feeling about my business today. Considering that I’m already at rock bottom, with no intent on giving up, I’m inclined to think that things could only go up from here. I really hope they do, because I wasn’t even able to afford paying Lucas (or my rent) this month. The entire point of my brand is to help out skaters in the third world, so I’m pretty stressed about that.

In other news, my garage needs a new door. Going to take a look around today and hopefully find a place that has payment plans. Really need to get that in before winter, or the heating bills will ruin me. I know it must seem like I have some kind of problem at any given time, but that’s the nature of taking on a huge responsibility without any outside help.

Hope everyone has a decent day, and finds a moment to relax.

Warm Regards,

– J.C. “Mongo” Lloyd