Abandoned Years

Sometimes it’s the crying and the screaming of it all

The only sign that I can even care anymore

I know it’s what you make of it

I know life isn’t fair
I know it could be worse, I was already there
Already took the drug

Already hit the bottom

Brought so many down with me, but they aren’t getting up

Sometimes it’s the lost sleep and the shame of it all

The only sign that I can even dream anymore

One Last Dream of Mallory

Six years of silence looms over me

Obelisk of regret

Blotting out the sun

Standing on my chest

Pressed against my heart

Struggling with the burden

Loss of self respect

Ashamed at the hurting

Was it worth it?

Not one single bit

Two thousand days wasted

A future traded for a fix

Smoke and Memories

Dawn of sobriety

Eyes clear, mind lagging behind

Reality is cruel

A simple fact of life

Nights spent, restless

Barely getting through to morning

A few cold beads of sweat are the only early warning

Body wracked with pains

Worse than all the anguish I’ve been feeding to the flames

Face full of smoke

There’s no walking away from that which hurts the most