Another Journey Around The Sun

Days into decades

Age catching me up

Thirty years

Already experienced enough

Enough love, enough adventure

I’ve lived so many lives

I’ve been the hero, the villain, the passerby

I’d like to think I’ve still some role to play

Mind still sharp, though my body starts to fade

Northern Whispers

Howling in the garden

Howling in the trees

Gaps in the door

The windows scream

Through weathered seams

Cracks begin to whisper

Creaks in the frame

Straining old timbers

Winter bearing down

First comes the fell wind

A cold and hollow sound


Elder creature, crying eternally

Oldest of friends, you strike a nerve with me

Past are the years of youth in this pet

Each day he survives, the worse he will get

Regretfully, I think he’s nearing an end

Silence the suffering

We all need some rest

Just let him fade away

In nature there’s no medication

Let him act his age