Spring Beyond The Pane

Muted shades of brown and grey

Last year’s bounty, cold and flat

Waiting for warmer days

Spring within my grasp

Patches of grass, branches in the trees

Soon revitalized, bringing emerald greens

Violets, reds and blues

From this side of the glass, I’ll put them in to view


Safety under threat

Strange days

In fear of my next breath

Self Help?

Self help books are getting aggressive. Just saw one called “Unf**k Yourself”. That doesn’t even make sense. Is it a book for people who get told off a lot? The other one was called “Hardcore Self Help: F**k Anxiety”, which seems a bit intense for anyone with anxiety issues. Maybe I’ll write a self help book called “F**k You and Your P**sy As* Depression”.  It would save lives…. or result in a string of suicides. These things are coin toss.