Changes Unseen

I’ve been a false idol

Cult like allure


My time for their world

Those strange days of youth

Weak in the flesh

Words put to good use

The bond, quick to form

Letters to soothe

Patience to break the storm

Tore out my heart along the way

Realized what I’d become, never noticing the change

Oceans of bitter tears at the parting

I let it go to static

White noise and callous nothing

Alone now, on in years

Thought things were better off this way

No one left to hurt, nothing left to fear

No one to lead on, dreaming dreams of what can’t be

The dead end string of broken hearts, ending here with me

Trumped Up Process

Today may be the day that change comes to the world

Not a change for better, instead we will be hurled

Thrown into great depression

Trust in democracy?

From here it only lessens

Even if rejected from the office

Barring rigged results, that monster has a caucus

People willing to grant power

Zero relevant experience, a lecher and a coward

How many lie in wait?

If you look at history, most are much the same