Light Casting

Another silhouette against the morning light

Another shadow in the corner of your eye

Slipping out of view

Spots in your vision, old ghosts to remind you

Find your place in the shade

Dawn casting rays upon your scarred and troubled face

The new day has come

Casting silhouettes in shape of days dead and gone

Lying In Darkness…. In Wait

I rise from forgotten places, somewhere in the dark

Body wasted, broken

Expression cold and stark

Bad omens mark my coming

Neither bird, nor beast, nor fellow man can hide their fearing of me

I’m all teeth and quiet malice

To run is a great fallacy

I thirst for the challenge

Just as I thirst for blood

No sudden movements, or life will come undone

Tearing The Heart From The Valves

I had forgotten what it’s like to hold someone’s hand

Time to start forgetting again

Like sand through my fingers

All slips away

I’m left to linger in negative space

Just for a taste, I commit to the fall

No less when braced, the pain never stops

Only dulls

That hurts just as well


Tearing the heart from the valves

Memories in the Cellar

Memories are vicious things

Poison barbed and bitter

Whether good or bad, for the worse more oft than better

Letters written in the past

Outlets for emotions and a way to make them last

Some passing, some strengthening like wine

Growing more complex

Having great effect on mind

My cellar full of poems

A cool, dark place for me where I can be alone

Eastward Glare

I rise in repetition
The drudgery of a day
I wish the night was static
Forever stuck in place
To taste eternal darkness
That would bring me peace
Or a case of blindness, to hide the world at least
East, I stare contemptuously
Go away, dread Sun
Set a final time
Your life has gone on long…
Long enough