Shorter Lives

If I could hold time in my hands

I’d wrap it like a gift

I’d give it all to you

Every single bit

I’d wish away the pain

All the struggles of old age

I’d see you spend your days

Resting or at play

Laying in the garden

Driving neighbors mad

Going for long walks, then sleeping like the dead

My head is full of memories

Most happy, some sad

Unconditional love is something rare to have

Universal Destination

Darkness defines the beginning

Encompasses the end

There’s the in-between

Then pre and post oblivion

No amount of wishing

All the fighting in the world

Nothing alters fate

All ways lead into the cold

Hollow Subjects

The stray comes ’round again, looking for a meal

Always keeps its’ distance, never comes to heel

Appeal with gentle words

It doesn’t mean a thing

Desperation dictates

Hunger is king

Fear, his queen

Absolute power

Control complete

Sunken cheeks

Sharp hips

All ribs

Painful image

Edge of nothingness

Another Lost Realm

Placid surface, betraying the undertow

Stray too deep, find kingdoms down below

The unknown, home to bottom feeders

Silhouettes of bones, dungeon filled with hungry creatures

Consuming decay

Beggars can’t be choosers at the end of the chain

Bad Trade

I’ve rolled the dice countless times

Gambled with the light

Left my future up to chance

Let many pass me by

I’ve wasted days of youth

Grew up far too quick

Learned lessons about life, and what it means to live or take it

I’m debased, remade as something less

New perspectives bring no peace

Only deepening regrets