Harbors of Night

Questing toward new horizons

Shielding my eyes from the sun

Vast ocean before me

Shores to learn my touch

Off on the tides

I’ll arrive by still winds

I’ve been drifting through the night….

Across the world within

Dreams of Photosynthesis

Uplift me

Uproot me

Plant me somewhere in the sun

Remark at my progress

Help me grow strong

For so long, I’ve waited

Wilting in the shade

Strange flower

A weed without a name

Please, press me between the pages

But before you do, help me bloom in sunlit places

Dream Assembly

Something strange in the way you set your head

Unmade by your gaze, dismantled by the vision

Often wishing, seldom coming true

Lost in a daze

Lost deep in thoughts of you

Reality, fused with fragments of a dream

Becoming seamless, building up

Piece by precious piece

Static Loss


Somewhere out of sight

Little active presence despite an active mind

Time passing

Whittle it away

Essence waning with each moment that I waste

Fixated on the ghosts of progress

Those lost futures that I dreamt