The Deal

I don’t know why I keep this up

It’s only for myself

Nobody cares for me

And I care for no one else

My personal hell, laid out on the page

People take a glance, then carry on their way

So many days

So many years I’ve invested

Always in the red

One sided transactions

Thoughtful Steps

Eyes turned inward

Toward the shimmers in the dark

Captivate me for a while

Seeking out the heart

Impart from within

Some kind of understanding

A life alike a set of flights, falls and landings

Demand little, find enough

Gain momentum

Pick myself back up

Back for a Taste

Something keeps me coming back

I lack the will to quit

Paradoxical by nature

My thoughts always conflict

If I just walk away, can I reclaim this wasted time?

Failure calls back to me

“I am yours and you are mine”

Denial unbecoming

I put the pen to page

Back for a taste of failure

Again, again, again….