Across and Out of Time

Turn of the century

A millennia come to pass

I am an artifact

A remnant of the last

Out of place in either

A man out of time

Old soul suspended on a wire

My precarious position

Hung up on reality, despite my ceaseless wishing

Tearing The Heart From The Valves

I had forgotten what it’s like to hold someone’s hand

Time to start forgetting again

Like sand through my fingers

All slips away

I’m left to linger in negative space

Just for a taste, I commit to the fall

No less when braced, the pain never stops

Only dulls

That hurts just as well


Tearing the heart from the valves

Falling From New Heights

A precipice so tall
Heart stalls before the bottom
Repetitious falls don’t always leave you stronger
Somber tones of black and blue
A leap of faith with hope it takes me somewhere close to you
The truth is, I oft fall short
My body bruised and broken
I start to contort
Ribs clawing at the lungs
Folding in upon myself
The impact always comes
No matter how I brace
Gravity always seems to put me in my place