Hollow Subjects

The stray comes ’round again, looking for a meal

Always keeps its’ distance, never comes to heel

Appeal with gentle words

It doesn’t mean a thing

Desperation dictates

Hunger is king

Fear, his queen

Absolute power

Control complete

Sunken cheeks

Sharp hips

All ribs

Painful image

Edge of nothingness

Spider Talk

Silent terror suddenly speaks

Cold sweat, weak in the knees

Familiarity laced with dread

Strange sounds, heard out of context

Reflex delayed

Fear of another kind

A feeling so innate

Crawling up my spine

Stridulations of the wolf linger in my mind

Of An Era

Bard for the new generation, spinning tales of lost wonder

Of a time before, of peaceful slumber

Fantastic dreams

Waking adventures

Peaceful strolls, and cooler tempers

Wandering, taking life in stride

Carefree, with a stranger by your side

Eye to eye

Face to face

A sense of better things soon to come your way

A place detached

Now a figment of the mind

Stories of a Century that I left behind


Well, it seems I’ve let my health slip too far into decline once again. There’s a fair chance this will be my final entry, yet I find there’s little I have left to say. I suppose after the amount of deeply introspective poetry I’ve written, most of the bases have been covered. I’ve loved and lost, lived and genuinely died, I’ve given, and sadly taken a life, and had second, third, even fourth chances to make things right. I want for little at this point in my short, but full existence. Naturally, I hold a wealth of regret that I’m sure to take to my grave, but the past can’t be changed. As I previously mentioned, there really isn’t much to say, other than to thank anyone who has ever taken the time to read one of my rambles, whether or not it was a poem. Know that my words carry the truth and essence of who I really am.

With love,

Justin Arthur Clapp – Lloyd

Suspended Below

As the world closes in

Narrows ’round your eyes

A sense of panic breaks

A storm comes with the tide

Crashing like the waves

Blood rushing past your ears

Flow ebbing through your veins

Heart beating loud and clear

Crushing like the ocean

Abysmal fathoms, deeper fears

Dragged down by emotion

Pressures great

Waters unclear