At Dusk

Evening bloom takes the eye

Drawing in for night

Quiet garden in the last light

Tucks itself in tight

Time for rest

Bud, beast or man

All sleep to pass the time

All silent in their beds

Eyes Ahead

Hollow words to fill the gaps

Passing time on dreary days

The wind howls

Soon comes the rain

Wash away the signs of winter

Look ahead to spring

Birds, bugs, flower buds, all the greener things

Dreams of Photosynthesis

Uplift me

Uproot me

Plant me somewhere in the sun

Remark at my progress

Help me grow strong

For so long, I’ve waited

Wilting in the shade

Strange flower

A weed without a name

Please, press me between the pages

But before you do, help me bloom in sunlit places

Brief Reign of The Undergrowth King

Flower in the undergrowth, bud closed in perpetual shade

Rare bloom, only seen in a night glade

Meadow hidden, high banks, greenbrier sting

Push through the forest, and there you will find me

Violet petals, set against black

Velvet monarch, my kingdom in the grass

Shade of Winter

Reaching out into light

Cold night air, clinging at the shadows

Flowers in the door yard

Beauty of the fall

A hard Winter’s warning

Mid autumn morning heeds the call

Frost stalling for a moment

Lingering in darker places

Soon to mist, then gone

Traceless, weightless vapors

Chased off by the Sun