Winding Trail

Each step is progress

Hard won

A slog through hell

Battered and bruised

Keeping up with myself

Through briars

Through brush

Among tangled trees

Often falling, crawling on hands and knees

Never sure of what comes next

Forever wander

In the endless forest

Numbing Days

Odyssey of ice

The northern trails I follow

Call out through the forest, bare branches ring hollow

Timbers littered with standing dead

In the mute season, we all look the same

Dread grey, sleet white, frostbite black

The long path

Some don’t come back


Brief Reign of The Undergrowth King

Flower in the undergrowth, bud closed in perpetual shade

Rare bloom, only seen in a night glade

Meadow hidden, high banks, greenbrier sting

Push through the forest, and there you will find me

Violet petals, set against black

Velvet monarch, my kingdom in the grass

Land Reflecting Sky

I found myself in a dream

The skies alight with fire

Running through a forest with only one desire

Tired, seeking some respite

A mass of molten rock streaks by, burning with white light

Smiting trees before the landing

Tearing into earth and stone, like a bullet from a handgun

Something knocks me off my feet

The force of the impact scatters birds and beasts

Now the forest burns as the sky does

There’s nothing I can do to escape the violent fires

Explosions break the night

Lost in the trees, running from the light