The Last Words

Distance makes the heart forget

Fondness, less and less

That feeling of elation, now anxiety at best

A sense of some great loss

Even with all these advances, none make time to talk

They stopped caring long ago

Whenever I reach out, I get a half-hearted “Hello”

I know it’s oft one sided

Few of them ever cared near as much as I did

I wish all my time could be returned

So much pain caused by being stuck with the last words




Empty Hands to Lend

Generosity seems to be some finite kind of source

The more that I express, the less others export

At my core, I’m selfless

I leave myself empty handed

Give away everything and leave myself defenseless

My senseless state of being

Stretching myself thin

Always giving, not receiving

Losing My Favor

What happened to the trust I used to place in friends?

For many years it has been impossible to lend

I get the short end of the stick

Rather, they have both ends through ignorance or tricks

Teach a man to fish, it wont matter anyway

He’d still rather ask you to give your fish away

Saying “Sorry, I forgot.”

Or some other lame excuse

An insult to my stock and my moral fiber used

I’m made of better stuff

You don’t deserve mine

I don’t deserve that one way trust