Sending hope forward, into the unknown

Hoping for serenity

Note to a future self

Attempting to sway the course

Seed fate

Become a self sustaining force

Grow more

Learn more

Know yourself, set out from there

Be the wind at your back

Be the sails full of air

Be the fair seas behind and before you

Just a little over 300 days left on my current project. I suppose I should specify, as I have a lot of projects on the go. I’m referring to my daily updates, and the reason I took up that challenge. My intent is to publish a volume called “A Year in Verse”, which will encompass 365 days of unedited writing. Once I’ve finished it, I’ll be sending out a handful of copies to my most faithful readers. I’ll be sure to reach out when the time comes, to collect the pertinent information. Thank you for bearing with me through this little update, and thanks once more for taking time out to read my work. It means quite a lot to me.

Warm regards,

J.C. Lloyd

Abandoned Years and Lost Futures

Vivid dreams of days long past, bringing me to tears

Memories of carefree play, bursting with good cheer

Memories of myself, always standing to the side

Lost opportunities

Lost my inner child

Declining to take part

Now I’m all alone with my closely guarded heart

Always Becoming

Trails of light that you follow

Streetlamps line the path

Will you stay the line, or will you stray into the black?

There’s no backtracking

The way dissolves behind

Forward into happenstance

Chance and your designs

Find balance, strive for adaptivity

Harmonious, self synchronicity

Light Casting

Another silhouette against the morning light

Another shadow in the corner of your eye

Slipping out of view

Spots in your vision, old ghosts to remind you

Find your place in the shade

Dawn casting rays upon your scarred and troubled face

The new day has come

Casting silhouettes in shape of days dead and gone

Suspended Below

As the world closes in

Narrows ’round your eyes

A sense of panic breaks

A storm comes with the tide

Crashing like the waves

Blood rushing past your ears

Flow ebbing through your veins

Heart beating loud and clear

Crushing like the ocean

Abysmal fathoms, deeper fears

Dragged down by emotion

Pressures great

Waters unclear

Run on.

The past taps me on the shoulder

Ignored more oft than not

It’s one thing to learn a lesson, but don’t let it gnaw

Don’t let it draw you in and eat you from inside

Take what you must and take the rest in stride

I’m not saying “Hide.”

I don’t like to live that way

You shouldn’t have to

Stop wallowing in shame

Stop cursing long dead days that left just as they came

Don’t let shame run on like the rhymes on this page

Letters to Myself

I write these daily letters

Address them to myself

I hope they grant perspective, but only time will tell

Somewhere down the line

I’ll go back and read them

Analyse my mind

Find answers to new questions

You never know when the past will teach a present lesson

Signs and warnings gone unseen

Important with the way that history repeats