I surface for a while

Try to keep myself abreast of the waves

Take in air, take on water

Slip beneath them once again

Tumbled head

No sense of which way’s up

Chaos below, just as it is above

I’m lost, just flotsam in a raging sea

I’m a wreck

Vessel crushed upon the reefs


I press my face against the glass, just to feel the cold

Memories from distant past, when I was ten years old

I hold the images, reach out for the sensation

Try my best to save them, frame them, keep them clear of dust

Frost kissed cheek, daydreaming on the school bus

Lost in thoughts of thoughts lost that I thought when I was lost

Pines greens, winter whites and greys all blended up

Dappled with orange light

Blurring by my window

My kaleidoscope of ice

The Hard Season

Once defined, my mind begins to weather

Complexity less frequently ascribed to my endeavors

Tempered by repetition, the hammer strikes the stone

Rough shape

Edges unhoned

The Zirconium Man

Shimmers less brightly now

Facets danced like diamonds

Lustre gone to clouds

Proud days, passed and laid to rest

Lost dynamic



Brief Reign of The Undergrowth King

Flower in the undergrowth, bud closed in perpetual shade

Rare bloom, only seen in a night glade

Meadow hidden, high banks, greenbrier sting

Push through the forest, and there you will find me

Violet petals, set against black

Velvet monarch, my kingdom in the grass

In Tow

Paper elephants slumber in my head

Dreams of waking

Slow to rise from their beds

Emerging one by one from the point of my pen

Circus tents

Propped up on my desk

Endless parade in the ink

Procession unbroken

Another begins

Silent Gardens

Mired in thought

Depths unknown

Lost to the waking world

Wide eyed

Still as stone

Passersby unheard

Blinded by the visions

Reminiscence, mixed with hopes and wishes

Flitting by while I remain


Statuary man