Flowing Back

Travel inland, through fields

Over streams and hills

Deeper still, into the forest

Into the core of it

Unexplored lands

Find the river at the center

Marvel at its’ span

Eyes scan for distant banks

Sink or swim

Swept to the coast again

Out into the ocean

Judge, Jury, Executioner, Prosecutor and Defendant

I set myself aside

I take pride in my detachment


Turn my eyes within



Unbiased perspective

Harsh judge

Knows the outs and the ins

Every transgression

Verdict served

Recommending corrections

Thoughtful Steps

Eyes turned inward

Toward the shimmers in the dark

Captivate me for a while

Seeking out the heart

Impart from within

Some kind of understanding

A life alike a set of flights, falls and landings

Demand little, find enough

Gain momentum

Pick myself back up

Falling From New Heights

A precipice so tall
Heart stalls before the bottom
Repetitious falls don’t always leave you stronger
Somber tones of black and blue
A leap of faith with hope it takes me somewhere close to you
The truth is, I oft fall short
My body bruised and broken
I start to contort
Ribs clawing at the lungs
Folding in upon myself
The impact always comes
No matter how I brace
Gravity always seems to put me in my place

Zirconium Man

I’m a man that’s beautiful in the way of zirconium
Not nearly so charming when you look closer…

Intentions just as pure
Yet not what you expected
My imperfect allure is often rejected
Nothing cures the way of this stone
Flaws more apparent the more that you know
Like flowers of blue that poison the mind
I’m best left alone in the dirt with my kind

– Zirconium Man