Castaway Head

The wilderness within

Stranded near eighty days

Carve another notch

Isolation eats away

Islands of the mind

Growing smaller by the moment

The ever rising tide

I wake, fearing I might drown

Desert isles on an ocean

Always losing ground

Abandoned Years and Lost Futures

Vivid dreams of days long past, bringing me to tears

Memories of carefree play, bursting with good cheer

Memories of myself, always standing to the side

Lost opportunities

Lost my inner child

Declining to take part

Now I’m all alone with my closely guarded heart

Dark Descent

I am of a world in between

Seldom seen by common folk

Apart from reality

I thrive when I’m alone

I’m the unknown

The mystery

A moment of suspense

A coin in a wishing well, just before it hits the surface


Three in the morning is a strange time

A quiet hour

I often find myself in bed

Eyes wide

I rise, head over to my desk

I test the air, night chill

Shiver up my spine

Fog settled thick over fields

Fog blanketing my mind

The quiet hour

Cold, damp and strange


Lost in the grey

Static Loss


Somewhere out of sight

Little active presence despite an active mind

Time passing

Whittle it away

Essence waning with each moment that I waste

Fixated on the ghosts of progress

Those lost futures that I dreamt

A Ghost Ship

Untrained, untethered, unfettered from without

Unmoored all of a lifetime

Knowing only my own doubts

Drowning out the noise

The winds of change ring in my ears

I hear only my voice

I only feel the years

I speak only my mind and desire little else

I am the wind, I am the sail, the ship and every swell

Catching Up. Wearing Down.

Isolation in my nature

The world is catching up

Turns out being stuck at home isn’t very fun

For years I’ve said as much

I’m not on vacation

Some days I need a cane to walk

Twenty eight and fading fast

Body breaking down

Mind ever lasts

Casting light on deepest suffering

Crushed by the reality that it will stop at nothing


Ever present, changes slow

No movement to the naked eye

I’m the weathered mountain face

The world denied

Left to largely lifeless heights

Brave souls and broken minds, finding courage for the climb

Time spent, seeking out the summit

Thin air, chapped lips and a wind so cold and loveless

Shoving you toward the edge

The lonely ‘scape

Didn’t get this way by chance